Thursday, 30 January 2014

Catering in Atlanta- Top Tips to Choose the Right Catering Service

The sheer variety of cuisine available in Atlanta is mind boggling. From French to Japanese to Chinese and Mediterranean, you name and you can find the cuisine in this city which throbs with life. In fact, if you are adventurous enough you can try out several different varieties in a single day. For example, you can have a different type of cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Catering in Atlanta is therefore something that is not difficult to find. However, if you are searching for a catering service, then make sure that you take into consideration a few factors.

For one, make sure that the catering company that you choose has a good reputation in the community. One of the simplest ways to find out about its reputation would be to go through online reviews on the company. It is always advisable that you also talk to a few of those who have written those reviews. They can give you more detailed inputs on the services offered by the particular catering service.

Before you hire the services of a catering service, make sure that you also have everything else well planned. For example, if it is an outdoor corporate get together or party that you are conducting, then you need to make sure that the dining arrangement is in place. Similarly, if it is a wedding reception, then perhaps, you can plan the dinner or lunch, based on the wedding theme. So, remember, even though there is no dearth of event space in Atlanta, a little bit of planning will ensure that everything goes on smoothly. Based on the event, you can then go about discussing with catering services about the menu that you want to order.
It is always preferable that you plan well in advance. This way you can get in touch with multiple catering services before you zero in on one. For example, if it is Mediterranean cuisine that you have decided for your event, then make sure that you visit at least a few Mediterranean restaurants in Georgia. This way you can always find one that suits your needs, as well as budget.

It is always recommended that you visit the caterer’s restaurant before you hire their services. Find out whether the food is being prepared in a hygienic environment. Moreover, by personally visiting the restaurant you can also taste the food. 

One of the best ways to make any event memorable is to have a wide variety of dishes as part of the menu. Remember, with Atlanta being one of the most cosmopolitan cities, you are sure to find people from different nationalities attending events. So, naturally they will have varied taste. It is therefore, always a good option to go in for as varied a menu as possible. This will keep all your guests happy.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Catering in Atlanta – Where to Find Persian and Mediterranean Food in Atlanta

If there is one place in the US where finding every possible cuisine is a breeze, then it must be in Atlanta, Georgia. One can find every kind of food ranging from French to Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Persian and Mediterranean in the city with ease. In fact, the city seems to be teeming with classy restaurants serving every kind of food that you can find on this planet. Among these restaurants, Persian and Mediterranean seem to be finding an increasing number of takers.

If you are looking for Persian food in Atlanta, then the choice of restaurants before you is vast. Some of the prominent names among them include, Rumi’s Kitchen, Fanoos, Divan Restaurant, Hookah Lounge , GA Sufi and Persepolis Persian Cuisine, to mention only a few. The sheer variety of dishes on offer as part of the Persian cuisine is enough to leave you asking for more. You can find the influence of a variety of regions in Persian cuisine. For example, you can find influences of Mughlai cuisine , Mesopotamian cuisine and Anatolian cuisine in some of the food items. In fact, some of the world famous foods such as ice cream and kebab have their origin in Persian foods.

Contrary to popular perception , Persian food is not all about meat and chicken. One can find  a whole lot of exotic spices and herbs being used in the preparation. This apart, a lot of emphasis is also placed on using fresh vegetables and juices as part of the cooking process. Some of the fruits that are typically used in Persian dishes include, apricots, quince, pomegranate, plums and raisins. With such a wide variety on offer, it is not surprising that Persian food in Atlanta is a top favorite with its citizens. With catering in Atlanta being big business, many companies also make sure that they order for Persian dishes during corporate meetings and conferences too.

Equally popular to the Persian restaurants are the Mediterranean restaurants in Georgia/Atlanta. Some of the top names include, Ecco, Café Intermezzo, Babette’s Café, Apres Diem, Gilbert’s Mediterranean Café, Imperial Fez , etc, to mention only some. Mediterranean diet is particular popular among the health conscious population. The diet has been proven to be among the healthiest and if followed religiously is known to reduce risks of developing hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. This being the case it is not surprising to find a large number of restaurants in Atlanta serving Mediterranean food.